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Your favourite new brand! That sounds good, doesn’t it? Always wanted to combine style and sustainability?  Worried about the people who manufacture your garments? Feel like smelling yourself badly after a long day at the stables? Need to trow away your shirt after half a year? We’ve got you covered! 


We use high quality fabrics that have a reduced impact on the environment, such as certified organic cotton, merino wool, and state of the art Blue Sign fabrics. We make sure the people that make our garments do so under good working conditions. We understand that you want garments that fit properly and enable you to do what you love the most for a long time. That’s why we bring solutions for those annoying little things in life. Sportswear specialists made our patterns, so you don’t feel restricted and are free to move as you want.


"Merino wool is a relatively new addition to the equestrian fashion market,” says Dutch founder Marjolein van Hilten. “With its natural sheen, it's very fashionable and, when this is combined with its natural capacities to wick moisture and prevent odours, it is perfect for long training days and stable work. The natural climate control of merino wool keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. When you've tried it, you will be hooked for life!"


Bekijk de Equirex website hier.


7 juni 2019

Internationale de Peelbergen, Nederland.

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